Saturday, 25 April 2015

A to Z Challenge: V is for Vegetables

This month, I’m taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge, the annual event where hundreds of bloggers write 26 blogs—one for each letter of the alphabet—and post them each day of April, except Sundays. This year, I’m blogging about: THINGS THAT GROW IN ALBERTA. Don’t forget to check back daily and leave a comment on my blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr or via email at I’ll randomly pick a few winners who will WIN a SIGNED copy of one of the Chase “Superman Duffy” comics.

The weather has been kind of deceiving lately—hot, then cold, then warm, cold again. And now, some parts of the province even have a snow warning for this weekend. Talk about conflicted!

I’m used to the weather ups and downs, but my mom is having a hard time adjusting this year. The warm spell earlier this month gave her the “gardening itch.” Which means this weekend, I’m helping her plant some of her seeds—indoors, and mostly, her vegetables. (My sister is better at helping with the flowers.)

You can grow a lot of vegetable varieties in Alberta, but because of our short growing season, some vegetables do better than others, and a few, like corn, for example, are often better when they are started inside so that they’ll reach their full potential. (Even though corn grows better in southern Alberta, mom tries it every year. It’s my dad’s favourite vegetable!)

We might start some tomatoes and peppers, as well.  Mom doesn’t actually start planting in the soil outdoors until mid May—that’s when we can be almost certain the frost is gone for the year—but I love watching the seeds sprout. And of course, I love harvesting all of the vegetables in the fall.

Sometimes I wish we lived in a climate where we could grow vegetables ALL YEAR ROUND. Except…I’d probably miss snow at Christmas. Speaking of climate change, that’s the topic of the 10th Chase Superman Duffy comic book, CLOUD 9, coming soon from the Alberta Canola Producers Commission. Comment below or on any of my social media links for a chance to WIN your copy.

Gotta jet! The A to Z Challenge breaks tomorrow, and then it’s back Monday with the letter W. Just four letters left!

— Chase Superman Duffy


  1. I'm in a climate where you can grow vegetables year round, but it is a challenge with the dry climate and heat. I use to live in BC where it seemed all you had to do was plant it and it grew. Well, except when it was snowing.

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    Shonna Slayton YA Writer - Blogging the 1940’s from A to Z

  2. J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge - where I am part of the A to Z Ambassador Team! (I'm a minion/volunteer under Arlee.)
    Don't forget our after party. The Reflections Linky List will open on Monday May 4th. (For links directly to posts, not to general blog addresses.)
    I've followed you on GFC. I don't have the links to your facebook, twitter, or tumbler. Great post. I love the image.
    -J @JLenniDorner