Saturday, 5 July 2014

Stampeding to the CALGARY STAMPEDE

You guys! Guess what?

I’m spending TEN days at the Calgary Stampede this year. TEN. WHOLE. DAYS.

There is SO MUCH to do in Calgary during Stampede- like free pancake breakfasts every day! Then there are all of the rodeo events, visiting the exciting exhibitions, going on the rides, taking in the free concerts, and of course, EAT ALL THE FOOD! I can’t wait to put on my cowboy boots and get walking.

Hey! Will you be at Stampede this year? If you are, check out the Alberta Canola Producers Commission booth within the Ag-Tivity in the City exhibition. You can talk to a farmer, learn about canola oil nutrition, collect recipes AND—

You can buy some of the CHASE SUPERMAN DUFFY comic books your collection might be missing! (There are 7 of them now — how many do YOU have?) The booth will feature two-dimensional characters from the books AND the author, Dawn Ius, and illustrator, James Grasdal, will be on site for ALL TEN DAYS, which means you can get your books autographed. Cool, right? And if you do a selfie with ‘moi’ we’ll give you a small gift!

Gotta jet! Hope to see y’all at the Calgary Stampede — yeehaw!

— Chase Superman Duffy

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