Friday 11 July 2014

Keeping Cool at the Stampede

If you’ve been hanging out at the Calgary Stampede grounds this past week, you know it’s HOT outside!

Well, sweat NO MORE because the Alberta Canola Producers Commission booth — where you can find all SEVEN of the Chase Superman Duffy comics — is…air conditioned. Cool, right? Literally!

The first week of Stampede has rushed by in a blur, but there’s still time to visit the booth, meet the illustrator and author of the books (and get autographs), or take your picture with some of the characters from the series.

Scroll down for some great pictures from our first few days at the Calgary Stampede!

Amelia in her element.

You can see a blooming canola plant up close!

Grandpa is ready to teach about farming.

Kevin has some great information about canola  biodiesel.

Grandma's recipes will make your stomach rumble with hunger!

Pretty cool, huh! Beat the heat at the Calgary Stampede and visit us in the (air conditioned) Agrium building. Yahoo!

Gotta jet!

— Chase Superman Duffy

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