Thursday, 31 July 2014

August is going to be fun, fun, FUN!

Did you know that August is officially FAMILY FUN MONTH? It’s true!

Every year, my family plans a fun adventure at the beginning of the month, when my parents book time off for holidays. And sometimes, those adventures make it into the Chase “Superman” Duffy comic books — like the time we went to Saskatchewan and saw Mr. Slovonuk’s homestead. He was the first farmer to bring canola (then called rapeseed) to Canada from Poland. Cool, right? (Read more about him in Fields of Home)

And then there was the year we spent following Kevin Therres around to watch him race his Biodiesel Jet Engine Funny Car, the first of its kind to run on 100% canola biodiesel. That was the inspiration for Gotta Jet! But…I bet you guessed that already.

One year, Mom and Grandma planned a fun month family reunion and I met some of the people who have contributed recipes to the giant family cookbook at my grandparents’ house. We made Monster Cookies, which are Grandpa’s favourite — and that family recipe book sparked the mystery for Tasting my Story.

But this year, we’re going to the lake for a week. I can hardly wait! I plan to do plenty of wakeboarding, surfing (behind the boat), swimming, water skiing, hiking, running (of course!) and reading on the beach. Who knows, maybe my water adventures will make into a book someday. <wink wink>

What are you doing this Family Fun Month? Whatever it is, be safe, and have fun!

Gotta jet!

— Chase Superman Duffy

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