Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween candy overload

Oh my M&M’s! I brought home quite the bounty of Halloween candy. Not only was my Frankenstein costume a hit, but our whole group was a monstrous spectacle. We had so much fun!

But there’s no way I can – or should – eat all of this candy.

I’ve sorted it and counted it, and exchanged my Tootsie Rolls for my sister’s licorice. My Mom threw out anything that wasn’t wrapped properly, or looked suspicious. And I gave Dad all of my Snickers bars.

That still leaves WAY too much candy.

I can’t just throw it away. So I did some research for ideas on WHAT to do with all of the leftover candy. Here are  five ideas that I’ve found – beyond sharing soft candies with the seniors at the seniors’ lodge, or adding to our food bank gifts, of course:
  1. Freeze the chocolate bars. That way, they won’t go bad, and I can ration them out. Mom says I can use the big freezer.
  2. Save the hard candies for Gingerbread houses. Those kits never give you enough candy.
  3. Candy art! Check out this fun mosaic:
  4. Make homemade trail mix by mixing in the M&Ms or Smarties with nuts, granola and dried fruit like raisins. A perfect snack for me at practice!
  5. Baking projects. Mom says the peanut butter cups are perfect for brownies, cookies or muffins.

Hope I gave you some good ideas…

Gotta Jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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