Saturday, 9 November 2013

Remembering to Remember

We had our annual Remembrance Day ceremony at school yesterday. Maybe it’s strange because although I understand WHY we celebrate Remembrance Day, war isn’t something I think about a lot – thanks to the men and women who have given their lives or service to ensure Canada remains free.

Still, the school Remembrance Day ceremony is one of my favourites. This year, a war veteran gave a really awesome speech about the importance of remembering, and shared some of his stories. I was on pins and needles listening to him. It was so fascinating! Our school choir sang a beautiful song. My friend Sophie is in the choir and she was amazing. A Grade 7 student read a really touching poem about Flanders Field. Plus, the younger kids made wreaths. Our gymnasium looked really great.

I’m spending some time with Grandpa this weekend. He lost his grandpa in the war and every year, we remember him. Sometimes, we just sit quietly at the graveside. Other times, Grandpa tells me stories his father shared with him. Sounds like my great-great Grandpa was a pretty awesome man. I feel sad for Grandpa because he didn’t get to know his grandfather; and it’s a reminder for me to reflect on how lucky I am to still have MY Grandpa…and how fortunate I am to live in Canada-a free nation.

Gotta jet! Don’t YOU forget to remember this Remembrance Day. (And wear your poppy!)

- Chase Superman Duffy

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