Friday, 25 October 2013

The big costume reveal

Two Halloweens ago, I went trick-or-treating as Superman. Great costume, but not much of a surprise. Everyone knows I love Superman, and that’s my nickname at school.

So, last year, I changed things up with a great astronaut costume, inspired after I met Dr. Robert Thirsk, the astronaut who took 200,000 canola seeds into space. I got lots of compliments on that costume, but wearing the helmet was a bit claustrophobic.

This year, I thought about dressing up as a race car driver like Mr. Kevin Therres (who built the first Jet Fuel Engine Car to run on 100% canola biodiesel) – but I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’m going with something a little scarier and won’t be make me perspire all through the school day.


Mom says I don’t have to go trick-or-treating with my little sister, Amelia; so my friends and I have decided to dress up like some of the scariest monsters from the movies. There will be a Dracula. A Godzilla (can’t wait to see that costume!). I think one of my friends is even dressing up like The Blob. We’re going to look pretty cool around the neighbourhood, right?

I hope we don’t scare anyone too much. <grin>

Anyway, I gotta jet. There are still a few things to get ready for next week. Have a safe Halloween, everyone!

- Chase Superman Duffy

PS – In case you’re wondering, my sister is dressing up like an Entomologist. Ha! What a joke. I’m pretty sure she’s scared of bugs.

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