Friday, 11 October 2013

A Thanksgiving poem

We’re learning about rhyming poems in my Language Arts class, so I thought I’d write one for the long weekend. 

As you can guess, Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays – not just because of the great food, but also as a time to celebrate everything I’m thankful for.

And, I’m thankful for a whole bunch – my family, my friends, my teachers, my running shoes (ha), my notebook, and much more than I could even begin to list here.

But really, I’m most thankful for Grandma’s cooking!

So this poem is really a shout out to her and our upcoming feast. 

Okay, here goes:

An ode to Thanksgiving

‘Twas the weekend of Thanksgiving,
And all through the farm,
The smell of roast turkey
Was working its charm.

The sweet potatoes beckoned,
Without sugar, I guess,
Cuz Grandpa’s a diabetic
And less sugar is best.

The thought of homemade buns,
Fills me with anticipation,
Glazed peas and carrots
The center of infatuation.

I stare at the table,
Full of goodies galore,
“I’ll stuff myself silly!”
I hear my Dad roar.

On my mark, get set, run fast -
So fast I can fly…
I’ll beat Dad to appetizers,
To dinner, to pumpkin pie!

But I’ll be sure to yell,
As mom sprinkles her salad with cheese,
“Thanks for a wonderful dinner, Grandma,
Now pass the cranberries, please!”

Wishing you and your family an amazing Thanksgiving!

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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