Friday 1 March 2013

Spring cleaning my nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month – not to mention the start of my favourite season (losing that hour of sleep on March 10 is totally worth it). So, Mom and I are doing some Spring cleaning – starting with my nutrition.

I admit, I’m not the best eater throughout the winter. It starts at Christmas, when there’s so many goodies everywhere, and then continues throughout the season when I exercise less (because I prefer training outdoors and not in the gym) and eat my way through to the Superbowl.

Sure, I’ve been making better choices, but if I want to be a top athlete this track season, I need to make even better choices when it comes to fueling my body.

Mom says we should follow Canada’s Food Guide, for starters. It’s pretty balanced, as far as I can tell. Check it out here.

According to the guidelines, I should be eating 6-8 vegetables, 6 grain products, 3-4 milk or alternative products (such as soy) and 1-2 servings of meat products or alternatives, like tofu. Oh yeah - I should also be having 2-3 tablespoons of an unsaturated oil like canola every day, as well. That shouldn't be a probably.

It's actually quite a bit of food.

It’s not that I haven’t been eating. Believe me, I have. But, I admit, it hasn’t been the right foods.  That’s going to change starting…now!

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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