Friday, 29 March 2013

Hunt Eggs!

When I was young, Mom used to charge into my bedroom Easter morning, jump on the end of my bed, and yell, “Hunt eggs!” I think Easter is actually my mom’s favourite holiday – she puts a lot of effort into hiding those little chocolate treasures.

But, let’s face it. I’m getting older and really, too much chocolate isn’t good for my training. I know dark chocolate is better for me…but it’s not quite the same. So, I’ve decided to skip my share of eggs this year and just focus on my sister. Oh sure, Mom will get me one of those big chocolate bunnies, so I won’t totally be missing out.

But the whole hunting eggs thing? That’s for kids. Younger kids.

It got me thinking, though. Why do we hunt eggs at Easter? I mean, I understand the real meaning behind the holiday, the resurrection of Jesus Christ and stuff. I just couldn’t get what chocolate had to do with it.

So, like Mrs. Kratky taught me, I looked it up.

Turns out, hunting eggs dates back to Roman mythology. Long ago, the Easter Bunny was called the Easter Hare, and hares are a symbol of fertility. Back then, children believed that the hares laid eggs in the grass. The Roman people believed that “all life comes from eggs” and Christian people considered eggs to be the seeds of life. So, they are considered to be symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus.

Makes a little more sense…

I’m just not quite sure how chocolate got involved. Whoever thought to make those little eggs wrapped in coloured paper was super smart!

Anyway, I’ve gotta jet. I’m helping make up the clues for the big Easter hunt. Mom says I can write poems and riddles to give my sister hints. Just as long as I don’t make it too hard.

Of course I won’t! <wink>

Happy Easter to you and your family. Now, go HUNT EGGS!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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