Friday, 24 August 2012

Living on the fringe

This summer has really flown by. Just two more weekends and then it’s back to school. Can you believe it?

Most of my friends do a big family thing on the Labour Day weekend and take advantage of the extra day off – but my grandparents are farmers, and Labour Day isn’t a holiday. In fact, it’s one of the busiest times of the year.

So, this is our family weekend before my sister and I go to school. 

We’re going to start it off at the Fringe. Do you know what that is? Every year, Edmonton is host to a theatre festival where writers, actors, and producers take over Whyte Avenue, a part of the city, and put on dozens of plays. Edmonton’s Fringe is the second largest in the world - it’s awesome!

I don’t know if Grandpa will have time to come to the Fringe with us, but I know he’ll be there for our family picnic. I’m in charge of the salad this year – so I snuck one of Grandma’s salad dressing recipes. 

It’s easy:

Spritzer Raspberry Vinaigrette

15 mL syrup – pancake, maple, raspberry, etc.
5 mL white vinegar
15 mL water
10 mL canola oil

Measure all the ingredients into a spray bottle. Shake to mix well.  Take to the picnic and let everyone spritz on the amount they want on their salad. 

Gotta jet! I’m picking cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, carrots and tomatoes from Mom’s garden for my salad and then heading out for a run.

Have a great weekend!

- Chase Superman Duffy 

Hey! How about this imaginative ending to Gotta Jet by Vital Grandin Grade 4 student , Lucas.


As Chase saw an incomplete image of what appeared to be a scientist working on a device through the bushes right after the finish line, he sped swiftly across the racing track.

Neither Lightning nor the red-headed kid could catch up to the lightening-like speed Chase was going. Everything was going perfectly  until Chase’s foot sprang from the pedal accidentally. He realized the car was still going.

After three more miles of panic and anxiousness, Chase looked up to see a big, cement block as decoration, with a turn leading to the left where the finish line was. He looked up too late to turn to the finish line and crashed into the cement block and flew into the air, over a large bush, and landed into a device.

It didn’t take long for Chase to figure out it was a time machine.

Chase saw an unclear date, and that was the last thing he saw that day.

The rest of this story is to be continued by….YOUR imagination.


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