Friday 13 December 2019

DIY Christmas Cards, Anyone?

About four years ago, Mom started a new tradition of making Christmas cards for the entire family—even for the cousins—and second cousins!—we haven't seen in years.

It makes sense. The personal touch is so much better than sending an email—though we spend most of Christmas morning calling family too. And we're kind of a crafty family, as you know. But I still have some shopping to get done, so I was happy to see that this year's card doesn't seem as difficult as some of the others she's found on Pinterest.

One year, we made these Rudolph cards using our fingerprints.

They were fun—and easy!

Next up were these cards, which aren't quite as easy as you think. Mom dug out the ruler to make sure the ribbon was in THE EXACT MIDDLE of the card.

We got through it, and even Grandma said we made perfect little bows.  (She has to say that though—she's Grandma!)

The next year, I tried to convince my parents that we should just have our family photo taken—better yet, I would set up the camera and take the shot myself. But no...Mom wasn't having it. She has a "thing" for penguins so we made these.

Cute, right? And also very hard. Those pieces aren't the easiest to cut out. My sister loved gluing the googly eyes on.

No googly eyes this year, and not as much cutting, but I'm curious to see how we get the little bumps on the bottom of these adorable snowman cards.

Gotta jet! However you're spending your weekend, I hope it's merry and bright! See you next week.

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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