Friday 5 April 2019

A to Z Challenge: E is for Evergreen

In case you missed it, I'm taking part in the 10th anniversary of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, the annual event where hundreds of bloggers write 26 blogs—one for each letter of the alphabet—and post them each day of the month, except Sundays. I’m blogging about: THINGS THAT GROW IN ALBERTA. Leave a comment on my blog, Facebook page, or Twitter for a chance to WIN a set of the Superman Duffy books.

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E is for Evergreen

Did you know that according to botany (plant science), an EVERGREEN is a plant that has green leaves throughout the year? Hence the name—evergreen. (Smart, right?) You may have some in your yard right now. 

There are many different kinds of evergreen plants and shrubs that grow in Alberta, but of course, my absolute favourites are the trees we decorate at Christmas.

Every year, my entire family goes to a “tree farm” where hundreds of evergreens are grown specifically for the season. Hot chocolate in hand, we stroll through the rows and rows of trees, in search of the biggest, fluffiest evergreen that will fit in our house. Last year, we found a beautiful 7-footer, so bushy we almost couldn’t fit it through the door! And it was beautiful all lit up.

We also have an evergreen tree in our backyard, but Dad doesn’t like it very much. He says it sucks all of the moisture from the soil, which is why our backyard isn’t like a golf green...good thing he has the front yard to show off. 

Speaking of soil…don't forget to scroll up to the top of this post to learn how you can win a copy of Beneath the SOIL, the eighth book in the Chase Superman Duffy series of graphic novels.

Gotta jet! See you tomorrow for the letter "F." 

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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