Sunday, 1 July 2018

Oh, Canada! It's Your Birthday!

Oh, the food, the fireworks, and the fun!

Today is CANADA DAY, and as per tradition, I plan to celebrate by doing as many Canadian things as I can. All. Day. Long.

I’m kicking off the morning by eating pancakes (made with canola oil) drizzled with maple syrup, and then spending a half hour re-reading the Superman Duffy graphic novel, “O”—which is all about Canadian inventions and inventors! (The author and illustrator are Canadian too, just FYI!) Mom even got me a new Superman comic I can cram in at some point today.

After that, I’m going to shoot some hoops with my friend Sophie after a quick stop at Tim Horton’s for Mom’s favourite coffee, of course. I’ll probably snack on some Ketchup chips or maybe indulge in a Canadian chocolate bar, like Coffee Crisp, Smarties, or Big Turk.

Later this afternoon, we’re going to the park for a picnic with my grandparents (if Grandpa can get away from work on the farm), and maybe go kayaking where we are almost guaranteed to see a beaver. No, seriously. Hopefully the weather stays nice, but we are expecting some rain.

For dinner, Grandma and Mom are barbequing up some delicious hamburgers, with a side of poutine. Yum! Mom even hinted at a strawberry shortcake (red and white obviously) so we can sing Happy Birthday to Canada.

And then, my entire family is going into the city to watch the fireworks. I bet they are spectacular!

I know, it’s a pretty full day. How will you celebrate? Oh, and if you have some time, check out my Blogging From A to Z Challenge from April 2016 and learn about a bunch of things that are uniquely Canadian.

I’m proud to be Canadian and looking forward to celebrating with all of you. Gotta jet!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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