Friday, 6 July 2018

Get Your Picture Taken With My Grandpa!

Okay, not my real Grandpa. But an almost life-size sculpture of him—at the Calgary Stampede.

Yup, it's that time of year again. My sister, Amelia and I will be digging through our closets for our cowboy boots and hats, and this weekend, we're hitting the rodeo for "the greatest outdoor show on earth."

Oh sure, we'll take a spin on a few rides (Amelia loves the teacups, but I'm more of a Ferris Wheel kind of kid), gobble down a few of those mini donuts (and a cricket pizza if they have them again!), and of course tour the exhibition booths. Especially the Alberta Canola Producers Commission booth...which is where you'll find my "fake" grandpa, AND probably my real grandpa—if he can get away from the farm.

Grandpa loves to talk to people about agriculture and canola. Once he gets going, he can really talk your ear off...but at least it's interesting to listen to. And if he IS there, maybe you can take your picture with BOTH of my grandpas. <grin>

Don't worry though, if Grandpa isn't there, there are lots of people in the booth who are happy to talk about canola. Those beautiful yellow flowers, the delicious treats that can be made from canola oil...what's not to love? (And I bet they're giving away free stuff, too!)

Gotta jet! Mom says I have to clean my room before we can leave for Calgary—which might help me find those cowboy boots. Yeehaw! Hope to see you at the Calgary Stampede!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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