Saturday, 25 November 2017

NaNoWriMo: Day 25 ~ Novel Aesthetics

Happy Saturday, fellow scribers!

We have just five days left in this year's NaNoWriMo challenge, and I have to admit, I'm feeling pretty good about my chances of meeting my word count goal this year—I am already at 4,350! That leaves only 650 words, and 5 days to do it—just 130 words a day if I want to stretch it out. And I think I do...

Which means today, I have time to have a bit of fun with my story. I've been seeing a lot of people create "novel aesthetics" lately—basically, it's a Pinterest board of pictures that make you think of your story. Some people create these "inspiration boards" at the start of the process, and use the images to help with description. But I'm doing it now, especially since I'm almost at THE END.

THE END. It's going to be such a great feeling to type those words.

So, ready to see what I came up with? Click here.

While you're on my Pinterest, why not give me a follow? Throughout the year, I post pictures of everything from story starters and writing tips, to cool science experiments and craft (and food)  ideas for the holidays. But be careful—Pinterest can be a rabbit hole of distraction, and if you're like me, you've still got some writing to do!

Gotta jet! Have a great day of writing—and Pinteresting...

~ Chase Superman Duffy

Word Count: 4,350

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