Sunday 12 November 2017

NaNoWriMo: Day 12 ~ Celebrating The Milestones

I broke this 2,000 words yesterday! They weren't easy words...much as I love writing, it doesn't come as naturally to me as I want all the time. But when I crossed the threshold of the most words I've written in a NaNoWriMo challenge, I breathed a giant sigh of relief.

Know why?

Because even though my GOAL is to write 5,000 words by the end of the month, I'm only accountable to myself. Sure, I'd love to hit the mark, and I think this year, I might. But yesterday represents a huge milestone for me—getting to 2,000 words. And THAT is as important to me, if not more, as hitting 5,000 words.

So, I celebrated. With a comic book.

Christmas is around the corner, and I've been saving my allowance and any money I get from bottles, birthdays, etc. for gifts, but yesterday, I splurged and bought myself the latest Superman. Best way to celebrate hitting 2,000 words ever!

Celebrating the milestones is important, whether you're doing a NaNoWriMo challenge, or simply pushing yourself to do something different, something out of your comfort zone. How are YOU celebrating the milestones?

Gotta jet! I have a comic to finish reading...and more words to write. Good luck with yours!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

Word Count: 2055

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