Saturday, 15 April 2017

M is for McIntosh Apples

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, my theme for the 2017 Blogging From A to Z Challenge, is CANADA. 

Join me throughout April (every day except Sundays) to learn more about the inventions, the people, and the cultures that make up one of the greatest countries in the world!

McIntosh Apples ~ Canadian & Delicious!

Aside from chocolate, I don’t know what the traditional Easter dessert is—but in our family, it’s apple pie. Every autumn, Grandma makes a perfect crust, and fills it with cinnamon, sugar, and loads of juicy semi-tart McIntosh apples, as well as a couple of Granny Smith's. Then she freezes them, so that there will be pie for our Easter tradition. 

This apple variety wasn’t just first grown in Canada—even today, every tree across the country that grows McIntosh apples is a direct descendant from the first McIntosh orchard, which was created way back in 1811.

That’s the year John McIntosh bought a farm and discovered 20 apple trees in the woods. He transplanted them into a garden—unfortunately, by 1830, all but one had died. Forty years later, his son, Allan used the seedlings to plant a red apple nursery where the original tree survived. 

Now that’s commitment!

I know, I know, apples aren’t true inventions, but McIntosh are truly Canadian. And that counts. I plan to celebrate these delicious treats tomorrow night at Easter dinner, with a slice of Grandma’s homemade pie.

And...that brings us the end of the second week of the 2017 Blogging from A to Z Challenge. We break tomorrow, but I'll be back Monday for another favourite Canadian treat, staring with the letter “N.” 

Gotta jet! Hope you have a great Easter! 

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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