Saturday, 17 December 2016

Tis the season for COOKIES!

This weekend marks the fourth annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Challenge at my aunt’s house.

Including me and my sister, Amelia, there will be FIFTEEN of us around a long table overflowing with sugar cookies, icing, sprinkles and other candy. It’s one of the most wonderful days of the season! (Mom doesn’t always think so, because we go home with bellies full of sugar, which she SAYS makes us hyper, but that’s actually a myth…)

My aunt makes a LOT of sugar cookies. Like, more than a hundred. We usually go home with about 20 each, depending on how many we eat when our parents aren’t looking. But even I know that 20 cookies (40 between us) is far too many—especially since Mom AND Grandma will be doing a bunch of their own holiday baking. (Grandma has already made her famous ginger snaps, and Mom is trying out a lemon cookie recipe that has my mouth watering…)

So this year, Amelia and I plan to give most of our cookies to the local senior’s center as part of our commitment to holiday random acts of kindness. Which means we’ll need to take extra care in decorating them. It’s better now that Amelia is older. A couple of years ago she just slathered on the icing and then dumped an entire bottle of sprinkles on ONE cookie. Yikes! My teeth hurt just THINKING about that.

I’ll take some pictures of the best cookies we make and post them on Instagram. Do you follow my account at @SupermanDuffy? Post some of your sugar cookie designs and tag me or use the hashtag #SupermanDuffyCookies. I’m excited to see your sugary creations.

Gotta jet!

Have a great weekend!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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