Friday, 9 December 2016

Seven Environmentally-Friendly Holidays Crafts

It's no secret my sister and I like to do crafts. Arts projects are a great way to spend a chilly afternoon—especially since the weather in MY area has turned particularly nasty! Brrrr.

But crafting can get a little expensive. With the help of Google, I tracked down seven holiday crafts my sister and I can do with recycled products, or things you can find around the house. So, not only are these crafts FUN, they’re also environmentally friendly. Win-win!

STAR ORNAMENT: All you’ll need is paper, straw, beads, coloured ribbon and pipe cleaners to make these star ornaments. Lucky for us, Grandma has a collection of different coloured beads!

RECYCLED CARDBOARD TREE: Rather than chop down a tree, why not use one that’s already been recycled? Dad has tons of boxes stored in the garage! 

DRIFTWOOD TREE: Okay, maybe it’s a little harder to find driftwood, but if you can—or something similar—wouldn’t this be an excellent gift? My mom would love it. 

UPCYCLED HOLLY LEAF HOLIDAY CARD WREATH: A Styrofoam ring forms the base for this paper holly wreath—and cutting out all of those leaves will keep my sister busy for HOURS.

RUSTIC SNOWFLAKES: There’s still time to collect twigs, pine needles, berries, old buttons, and ribbons to make these great snowflakes. 

CHRISTMASTREE DECORATION: There are dozens of great ideas on this website,  including these easy-to-make (and inexpensive) paper Christmas tree decorations. 

WRAPPING PAPER: I’m wrapping up this list (see what I did there?) with environmentally-friendly ideas for giftwrap. Try fabric, comic strips, newspaper, wallpaper, calendars and more!

Don’t worry if you’re not particularly crafty—everything on this list is EASY and fun. Plus, you might want to give away some of these crafts as Christmas gifts. I can already see some perfect for people in my family.
Gotta jet! Stay warm and have a great weekend.
~ Chase Superman Duffy

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