Friday 5 August 2016

Let the Games begin

For the past few weeks, I’ve been counting down to the Summer Olympics—covering everything from food and culture, to the countries and athletes taking part in the Games. 

The wait is OVER.

Although some of the sports have already begun (Nice soccer gold, Canada!), the Olympics officially kick off tonight with an opening ceremony that is rumoured to be EPIC! If nothing else it will be historic, because for the first time, a team of Refugees will march in under the Olympic flag. (My mom says she’s probably going to cry.)

Whichever country—or athletic hero—you’re rooting for, I hope your eyes are glued to the ceremonies this evening. I plan on catching as many of the events as I can. My dad says it’s not wasting time watching TV because I can do all kinds of things to get my brain ready for back to school.


Keeping track of the medal count will help me with statistics, percentages, and other math stuff. I can “report” on the events to practice my writing skills, or write haikus about the athletes and their sports. I can learn about geography by mapping out the different countries taking part in the Games. And obviously, I can study the athletes’ form for tips on how to improve my running performance. It’s going to be 10 days of AWESOME!

Where will YOU be watching the Games?

Gotta Jet! 

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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