Sunday 13 September 2015

Never too old for Play Doh!

I bet you didn’t know that September 16th is National Play Doh Day. Maybe you think you’re told old to play it? Trust me, there’s no such thing!

There’s all kinds of research to show the benefits of playing with Play Doh, but want to know what I use it for? Character development.

Surprised? I know it sounds strange, but some of my greatest characters were developed after “creating stuff” with my sister.

Let’s pretend you have six colours of Play Doh and you want to make a “person” (or creature)—well, you have to make some decisions about that creation. Like, why did you choose purple for the hair? Is your character in a rock band? Is he/she from Mars? Or, what inspired the outfit he/she is wearing?

When I start creating my character, new ideas pop into my head and I jot them down in my notebook. Here are some questions you could ask yourself / about your character while you’re “creating” your masterpiece:

1.    Name / Nickname
2.    Age
3.    Where is he/she from?
4.    What is something unique about this character? (one leg? Purple hair?)
5.    Favourite colour

Now, use these details—and yoru Play Doh character—to create a story.

Gotta jet!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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