Friday, 6 February 2015

Oh, those crazy weather patterns!

Have you noticed that the weather has become a little more unpredictable than usual lately? I mean, one day, I’m outside in a t-shirt, and the next, there’s a blizzard warning and I’m bundled up in a parka.

I guess Albertans are used to that (I’m looking at you, Calgary Chinook!) but actually, weather is changing ALL ACROSS THE WORLD.

We’re learning about climate change in science class right now—which is pretty much defined as a significant change in the weather for a long period of time. It can cause…chaos. Like, flooding, drought, melting snow and ice, extreme heat, and really crazy storms. Maybe that doesn’t sound scary to you, but for some people, farmers like my Grandpa for example, climate change can have an impact on, well, everything.

The thing is, you can’t control the weather. So, I asked my Grandpa—how do farmers cope with climate change? You know what he said?

Well, to find out, you’ll need to read the next book in the Superman Duffy comic series, Cloud 9 —it’s ALL about the effects of climate change. I know, I’m a big tease, right? Don’t worry! Cloud 9 will be out sometime in March—just in time for spring…I hope. With the weather lately, who can predict?

No WONDER the weatherman has such a hard time!

Gotta Jet!

— Chase Superman Duffy

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