Friday, 27 February 2015

Mermaids, monsters, goblins, oh my!

Yesterday was Tell a Fairy Tale Day, and in addition to reading about them in school, I actually read Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to my sister last night before bed. It’s not bad for being a bit girly.

I like Fairy Tales. Or at least, some of the creatures in them—like elves, fairies, giants, mermaids, and even trolls. (Hey! Did you know there are mermaids in the latest Chase Superman Duffy book—TRANSPIRATION? Cool, right?) Plus, traditional Fairy Tales rely on magic of some kind. Magic is fascinating.

So, I got thinking that maybe I should start writing a new short story this week. I might use the story starter from this week, I might come up with something totally different.

How about you? Could you write a Fairy Tale? Which magical creature would YOU choose? I’m thinking elves. Or maybe giants. Wait! Trolls are pretty colourful. I like trolls.

So many choices! I guess I had better get started. Gotta jet!

Chase Superman Duffy

P.S. If you write a Fairy Tale, SEND IT TO ME. My email is: You could win a copy of TRANSPIRATION!

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