Friday, 9 January 2015

Time for Transpiration!

Did you know that January 8 was National Bubble Bath Day, and tomorrow is Splash Around in a Puddle Day?

I’m not much of a bath kid, and it’s going to be way too cold for puddle hopping tomorrow (the puddles will all be skating rinks!), but all of this talk about water has me thinking about the latest book in the Chase Superman Duffy adventure comic series—TRANSPIRATION.

I don’t know about you, but we’re learning about water cycles in Science, so I know all about the stuff in this story. (Not to mention that I’m IN the story.) Of course, the author took some, er, creative liberties, and introduced a few super secret fantastical characters…like DINOSAURS! * cough, cough *

Want a copy of this book? There’s a couple ways to get it! Send me a message on Facebook (Chase Superman Duffy), email me at, contact the Alberta Canola Producers Commission at, OR, if you’re REALLY ambitious, check out this week’s STORY STARTER, write a few paragraphs, and you could WIN a copy of the book. Cool, right?

Gotta jet!

— Chase Superman Duffy

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