Friday, 23 January 2015

7 a.m. chicken noodle? No way, José!

I love a great soup as much as the next kid—especially chicken noodle when I’m feeling kind of sick—but soup for breakfast? * shudder * Not a chance.

It’s National Soup Month, and so my Mom’s been whipping up all kinds of recipes—from Minestrone and Italian Wedding Soup, to Clam Chowder and beyond. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all delicious (well, not that moss green mess called Split Pea soup. It may have been healthy but was generally gross.) And soup is perfect when it’s cold outside.

But this morning, my Mom tried serving me soup for BREAKFAST.

Are you kidding me?!

I know that in some countries—like Vietnam and Turkey, for instance—soup is a common morning treat. There may even be some good reasons for serving it. They can be easy to make, I guess; and may be loaded with delicious, nutritious ingredients. And maybe it’s good to shake things up so you don’t get bored of the usual breakfast foods but…

I can’t see it. At least, not for me.

I don’t know who first decided WHAT foods should be designated for “breakfast,” and maybe I’m a chicken for not trying new things, but in mind, SOUP is NOT for BREAKFAST.

Even if it’s that delicious Corn Chowder my Mom made last week.

Gotta jet—or I'll be late for school! (Ah-ha! Maybe it’s because soups are not grab-and-go foods—what do you think?)

— Chase Superman Duffy

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