Friday, 11 April 2014

J is for JOURNAL

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Okay, I confess. I keep a JOURNAL.

I actually started writing in it as soon as I learned to hold a pen—though most of what I wrote back then is probably gibberish.

In the beginning, my journal was just a place to record “stuff.” Like, what I did during the day, how I felt after a race, or even, a place to save a favourite recipe. (I do cook, sometimes…)

But later, my journal became a place to write story ideas, and sometimes, a place to begin writing something, like a poem, short story, and the first few chapters of my novel.

I use my blog more like a journal now, which is great for sharing. But if you want to keep your thoughts private, a writing journal is one the greatest things you can start. You don’t have to write it in everyday — but it sure is fun (and embarrassing) to read some of those old entries.

If you’re going to start a journal, my best advice is to look for a notebook and a pen that you are proud to own. Book stores and stationary shops have great selections—everything from plain to out of this world. Find the journal that reflects YOU and then…

Start writing!

Okay — Gotta jet.

— Chase Superman Duffy

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