Friday, 12 July 2013

Eight glasses a day - oy!

I’ve been having trouble drinking my water, lately.

I know it’s super important for everyone to drink water – especially athletes – and normally I don’t have any problem getting in my eight daily glasses over the summer. But the weather has been so strange this season that I’m not hot enough to crave it. Even when I run.

The thing is, I can see a difference in my performance – and not in a good way. I’m a bit sluggish, and I think I may have lost some muscle tone. I know, sounds strange, right? I thought so too, so I did some research – and I learned a LOT more about water than even Coach Taylor told me about.

Like, did you know that your brain is 75% water?

Water actually carries nutrients and oxygen to your brain and throughout your body – which of course, can help with a number of health concerns like making sure your kidneys are working properly, kick-starting your metabolism, and of course, curing dehydration.

Interesting, for sure, but I’m still concerned about how to do it. I mean, it’s summer, so I’m naturally drawn to juice, pop, lemonade and freezies. Mom says those are not good options for water intake (she keeps me on a strict freezie regiment) – not even watermelon counts, and it’s mostly water!

I’m just going to have to work harder at it.  So I've taken to adding flavour - cucumber slices, strawberry wedges to my cold water and that's a nice change.

Do YOU have any ideas on how to increase my water? How do you get in your eight glasses?
Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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