Friday, 7 June 2013

My super Dad - and Grandpa!

It feels like just yesterday that I was munching down on some of Grandma’s special crepes in honour of the two amazing women in my life for Mother’s Day. And in just a couple of weeks, we’ll be getting together for another great meal – this time to celebrate the importance of Dads.

Or I guess, more accurately, celebrating “fatherhood.” Which is a pretty big distinction, because I won’t just be hanging out with my awesome Dad – I’ll also be thanking my Grandpa for his role in my life.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without either of them. From fishing to the value of working hard, and everything in-between, my Dad and my Grandpa have been more than my relatives – they’ve been mentors and friends. I lean on them both for a lot.

Yeah, I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but did you know my Grandpa taught me how to tie my shoes? Or that he showed me how to do simple math by counting the tiles on the ceiling when Grandma thought we’d gone for our daily nap? He’s the reason I’m passing math, I think.

My Dad may not be a farmer, but he works hard – and he’s taught me the importance of chasing after what I want. Not to mention helping me with my tough science homework – Dad’s a science wizard!

Of course we’ll throw a special Father’s Day lunch. But I’m kind of stuck for gift ideas. Mom and Grandma loved their handmade canola soaps, bath bombs and salts. But I can’t do that for Dad or Grandpa. And, I don’t have much money.

Mom says it’s not about the money – it’s the thought that counts. So I was thinking…maybe Grandma could help me bake something? Grandpa has diabetes so whatever I make can’t have too much sugar. But what if I found something nutritious AND delicious? Or maybe I could give them "job certificates" – promises of things I could do that they could cash in whenever they want:  clean the inside of the van; sweep the sidewalk after the lawn’s been mowed; or…anything, really!

I bet there’s a special recipe at Grandma’s house. She has tons of old cookbooks lying around. I should call her right now and ask! Maybe she can give me some more ideas of what I could do for Dad and Grandpa…

Gotta jet!

Oh – in case my baking adventure doesn’t go so well,  any other ideas?

- Chase "Superman" Duffy

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