Sunday 4 November 2012

Saving time this weekend

I can’t believe Halloween is over and it’s already November!

We had a lot of fun at my party last weekend and my costume was a huge hit. As you can see, I dressed up as an astronaut. I like going fast – running, soap box car racing, etc. – but nothing is speedier than a rocrket. Not even Superman! I’d love to blast off into space someday. Wouldn’t you?

I didn’t stay out trick-or-treating very long because it was chilly. Brrr. And with this past week's northern Alberta snow fall, there’s no question we’ve skipped the rest of fall and moved right into winter. The days are getting shorter, the sidewalks more slippery. It really puts a danger in my outside training.

But, one good thing is that it’s Daylight Savings time this weekend, which means on Saturday night, we turned the clocks back – giving us a whole extra hour on Sunday. Last year, I just slept. Boring, right?

The weatherman is calling for more snow. Maybe instead of sleeping in, I’ll read a book, or help Mom with breakfast. How about you? Any fun plans to spend your extra hour this weekend?

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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