Friday, 9 March 2012

Spring forward

Goodbye darkness and hello longer days. It’s Daylight Savings Time this weekend, which means Spring is right around the corner!

I just wish I didn’t have to lose an hour of sleep in the process.

Grandpa says I’m supposed to look at the positives. Like how an extra hour of light in the morning means I can go for a run before school starts. Or, how Daylight Savings is the perfect time for Grandpa to check the batteries in all of the smoke alarms and stuff throughout the house – since he’s changing the clocks anyway.

But while Grandpa is preparing for Spring this weekend, I’m gearing up for the inevitable Monday morning grogginess.

Our health teacher gave us these three tips on how to avoid walking like zombies next week.

1. Reset our clocks and on Friday night and use Saturday to test out the new schedule. (Yeah, right.)
2. Exercise, since working out gives you energy, makes you happy (most of the time), and helps you adjust to new schedules.
3. Don’t take long naps.
Er, maybe I should give this list to my Dad. He’s not a couch potato – except on Sundays, when Mom often finds him snoring as a hockey game blasts on the TV.

How about you? Any tips to avoid falling asleep in class?

Gotta jet! Or maybe that should be G-o—t---t---a J-e—t!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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