Friday, 16 March 2012

Leaping into Spring - and right into allergy season!

The first day of Spring is March 20 – and while that’s good news for Alberta gardeners, crop growers and me, it’s not so great news for my friend, Sophie.

Sophie has allergies and our mild winter and warmer weather over the past couple of weeks means she’s starting to itch, sneeze and cough a whole lot earlier than usual.

Grandpa told me that the rapidly melting  snow creates an increase in tree pollens and certain moulds – moulds that can even get in your house if you leave the windows and doors open!

Mom says there’s nothing wrong with my breathing, but I’m not taking any chances. I think I’ll keep training on the treadmill for a couple more weeks – at least until some of that mould goes away.

Gotta jet! I’m meeting a new friend at the gym.

- Chase Superman Duffy

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