Friday, 13 January 2012

Running outside in January? Crazy!

Can you believe this weather?

It’s almost the middle of January, and I’m running OUTSIDE…with just my t-shirt on. Sure I’m dodging ice patches, but even most of those havemelted. I just treat the sidewalk like an obstacle course – coach says it’sgreat training for track.

But not so great for crop farmers, Grandpa says.

Farmers often say they’ve never lost a crop in January, but alack of snow means that winter and perennial crops like alfalfa and winterwheat aren’t insulated.

Snow insulates plants like that “pink stuff” in our houseskeeps us warm. And without snow, cold temperatures like we’re supposed to getnext week (brrr), or very high winds, will damage the crops and they won’tsurvive until next spring.

That’s not good at all.

For the farmers’ sake, I’m hoping winter – and all that snow– will appear soon, but until then? I’m taking advantage of this awesome weather.

Gotta jet! I’m meeting Sophie for a run.

-Chase Superman Duffy

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