Friday, 16 December 2011

Volunteering over the holidays

I did the coolest thing this week! I volunteered at Santa’sAnonymous in Edmonton.

Never heard of it? Neither had I until Dad took me there as a surprise. It’s this big warehouse where people volunteer to put together Christmas presents for people who can’t afford to buy gifts for their kids over the holidays.

The toys are donated by people from all over the city, and volunteers sort them into the right age categories, package a few items together and then wrap them up. Dad told me that a few days before Christmas, a whole bunch of volunteers deliver the presents to people’s homes.

Can you imagine?

My job was to pick out gifts for kids aged 8-10. I did ok with the boys. Books, trucks and cars, board games – all kinds of cool stuff. But when it came to the girls? I was a little lost. Luckily my friend Sophie came with us and we tag-teamed it.

Huh. Come to think of it, Sophie and I make a pretty great team. And it was fun to see her face light up when she gathered some of the toys together. Her freckles looked even that much more cute.

Anyway, Dad says we’ll volunteer a couple more times in December, and then the whole family will deliver gifts. Even Grandma and Grandpa.

If you’re looking for a way to spread some holiday cheer this year, check your community for who is in charge of doing what Santa’s Anonymous is doing for your part of the province.  Or ask your teacher if (s)he knows of a place where you, and maybe your whole class, could help. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Gotta jet!

-       - Chase Superman Duffy

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