Monday, 12 December 2011

Home made cards? Doesn't my mom know about email?

Mom wouldn't let me go to my friend’s house this weekend, because we all stayed home to finish writing out our family Christmas cards.

It’s bad enough that Mom and my sister spent hours making this year’s cards (though they do look great) but then we had to sit down and hand write personal messages.

Doesn’t Mom know about email?

I’m always keeping in touch with my cousins on Facebook and Twitter. My auntie even tells me she reads my blog!  What am I going to tell them that they don’t already know?

Plus, Mom writes long letters to everyone. Especially to the family members we don’t get to see over the holidays. She fills them in on what we’re all up to – which is okay, I guess, unless she starts talking about my Math mark. It’s not my best subject.

I don’t know why I can’t just sign my name. Mom says Grandma always writes out her Christmas cards, too. I guess she’ right – even though I see her a couple of times a month, I appreciate her little notes to each of us. It’s more…personal.

Huh. I guess that’s what Mom’s talking about it. Hand written messages are more meaningful and that’s a good thing anytime, but especially over the holidays.

Gotta jet.

- Chase Superman Duffy 

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