Friday, 21 September 2018

Snow? Pretty, But Not Necessarily A Good Thing

I don't know where you are in the province, but when I looked out my window this morning, I blinked twice—and it was still there: snow. And not just a "skiff" of it either. A semi-thick blanket covering my yard, my mom's car, and the leaves I was supposed to rake this weekend. (Looks like I'll be shovelling instead!)

Even having lived in Alberta my entire life—where the weather can change two or three times in a day!—the sight was a bit shocking.

So much snow this early in the year means that I'll be taking my running program INSIDE. The roads, for driving, are going to be messy. And...

This weather is not good for farmers.

Grandpa says early snowfall can squash crops that grow upright, like wheat and canola, making them harder to harvest, not to mention diminishing their quality. The snow pushes the crops down and freezes the plants that aren't even finished growing. Sure it looks pretty, but it's definitely not ideal for our province's producers.

It seems like only yesterday the province was a patchwork quilt of yellow canola fields—today, we're under a blanket of snow. And while it isn't the first time this fall that we've seen it, this stuff looks like it's here to stay.

Here's hoping I'm wrong.

Gotta jet! Be safe out there—Mom says people forget how to drive at the first sign of winter...

~ Chase Superman Duffy

P.S. Speaking of driving, if you're in the Lethbridge area, be sure to check out the Word On The Street event — the author of the Superman Duffy educational graphic novels will be there (along with other great authors, artists, and performers) signing her young adult books Lizzie, Overdrive, and Anne & Henry! 

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