Saturday 9 December 2017

Christmas Cards, Anyone?

A few years ago, Mom started a new tradition of making Christmas cards for the entire family—even for the cousins we haven't seen in years. I get it, the personal touch is so much better than just sending an email (even though we call most of the family on Christmas morning too) but I'm beginning to think she's overestimated our craft skills.

One year, we made these Rudolph cards using our fingerprints.

They were fun—and easy!

Next up were these cards, which aren't quite as easy as you think. Mom dug out the ruler to make sure the ribbon was in THE EXACT MIDDLE of the card.

But, we got through it, and even Grandma said we made perfect little bows.  (She has to say that though—she's Grandma!)

I tried to convince my parents that we should just have our family photo taken—better yet, I would set up the camera and take the shot myself. But no...Mom isn't having it. She has a "thing" for penguins this year, so we're making these...

Cute, right? And also very very hard. I mean, we have to make TWO DOZEN of these Mom has already dug out the craft supplies. Which means I need to start cutting and gluing and painting, oh my!

If you want to join my "pain" for the day, here's the tutorial on how to make the cards. Time to get crafting.

Gotta jet! See you next week.

~ Chase Superman Duffy 

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