Friday, 28 July 2017

Frankenstein Day Is Coming Soon!

Okay, not SOON. Its' actually not until August 30, in celebration of Mary Shelly's birthday. (She's the author of the original Frankenstein book.)

BUT, I just found out that the illustrator of the Superman Duffy graphic novels, James Grasdal, is working on a FRANKENSTEIN BOOK! Sure, it's for little kids, but on Wednesday he showed me the drawings, and when it gets published it is SO going into my Frankenstein collection. 

You guys know that monsters are my favourite—I love them all, especially zombies. So, I've decided that the rest of the books for my summer reading challenge are going to be FRANKENSTEIN inspired. That way, when it's REALLY Frankenstein Day, I'll be prepared. 

I might toss in a couple of Frankenstein movies, too. If I make a big batch of popcorn, Grandma will watch them with me (she loves monster flicks!) And I'm going to dig out my comics too. Last year I re-read the original (it's so great!), so this year I'm going to tackle a couple of the adaptations. Do you have a favourite? 

And on a completely different (scary!) note, do you realize that the summer is HALF OVER?! I've only scratched the surface on my summer bucket list. What have you been up to?

Gotta jet. I'm heading to K-Days tomorrow and I need plenty of rest. Maybe I'll see you there? Have a safe weekend!

— Chase Superman Duffy

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