Sunday, 25 June 2017

When You Wish Upon A Star…or Meteor

One of the reasons I love going out to my grandparent’s canola farm (aside from running around it, of course) is because on a clear night, you can see THOUSANDS of stars.

I’ve looked for them in the city, and while I can often point out The Big Dipper, or some of the other well-known constellations, it’s hard to really see the stars with all of the other light pollution.

Which is why next Friday, I’ll be hanging out at the farm for Meteor Watch Day. Apparently June 30 is the day that people see the most meteors—otherwise known as shooting stars. Did you know that shooting stars are actually very small? Thousands of these pebble-to-fist sized stars enter the Earth’s atmosphere on a daily basis, but few reach the surface. When they do, they’re called meteorites.

You can learn more about outer space in the Superman Duffy graphic novel IT’S A BLAST! But it’s actually the “legend” of the shooting star that has me excited for Friday, not necessarily where they fit in the galaxy. As far back as AD 127-151 (a long, long time ago) the Greek astronomer Ptolemy declared that these shooting stars were actually Gods looking down on us—and since the Gods were looking at us, they’d probably be receptive to wishes.

I know, it could be a myth. But with summer holidays just around the corner, I have a LOT of wishes—like, I wish for…oh wait, I can’t say it aloud right now! I’ll just whisper it to the first shooting star I see on June 30. What would you wish for? You have a week to think of some good ones!

Need some ideas? Check out the Superman Duffy graphic novel AS YOU WISH to see what happens when you make wishes that aren’t…sustainable. It’s a pretty funny read.

Gotta jet! Have a great week.

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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