Friday, 6 January 2017

Eureka! I’ve Had An Epiphany!

Today is Epiphany, which up until last night, I thought was a day to celebrate a sudden understanding about something. That is actually one definition of the word…but today isn’t in recognition of your most recent Eureka! moment.

Remember when I said last week that my resolution for the year was to learn more about different cultures and traditions celebrated by the people that live in Canada? I started with Chinese New Year (which is on Jan 28 and in 2017 is the year of the rooster). Well today, I’m talking about Epiphany, or what is otherwise known as Three Kings Day.

For some people, Epiphany marks the official end of the festive season. I’ve never made the connection before, but in a way, my family celebrates Epiphany by taking down all of the Christmas decorations (except the lights). But there are many ways Epiphany is celebrated around the world.

My classmate Matias says that in Mexico, crowds gather to taste the Rosca de Reyes—King’s bread. In some countries, a Jesus figurine is hidden in the bread. And in many places, Epiphany is honoured with a great feast.

In Prague, there is a traditional Three Kings swim to commemorate the day. In Bulgaria, a priest throws a cross into the sea and men dive in after it, competing to get to it first. And in some European countries, children leave their shoes out the night before to be filled with gifts. (Gordon “Lightning” Smith—my arch nemesis on the track field—tried to convince me he was European and that I should bring a gift for his locker room…if I can find a lump of coal, I just might!)

What about you? Any a-ha! moments about Epiphany—or anything else, for that matter? Which of these Epiphany traditions would you try?

Gotta jet! Have a great weekend.

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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