Thursday, 12 May 2016

It’s Freaky Friday today! Are you scared?

If you’re spooked by Friday the 13th, you’re not alone—millions of people around the world share your fear. Like many human beliefs and myths, though, freaky Friday syndrome (known as asparaskevidekatriaphobia) isn’t exactly grounded in scientific logic. Humans are very superstitious!  

Despite it’s bad rap, Friday the 13th is still one of my favourite days, next to Halloween, of course. I love busting myths and superstitions (did you see my #atozchallenge posts last month?!)—including the whole idea that Friday the 13th is bad luck.

And apparently, it’s a superstition worth checking out, since according to the latest research, about 21 million people in NORTH AMERICA alone have a crippling fear of Friday the 13th—some of them even refuse to go to work. The problem is, no one really knows how the superstition started. In fact, human fears in relation to the number 13 are believed to be as ancient as the act of counting. That’s OLD!

Regardless of its roots, its clear that Friday the 13th superstitions are everywhere—even in the agriculture industry. Check out these two farming myths:
  • Never raise 13 livestock of one species / breed.
  • Never harvest or plant on the 13th of any month.
My family must not be very superstitious, though—after school today, I’m going to my grandparent’s farm to help plant my Grandma’s flower beds. Are you superstitious? How do you cope with Friday the 13th?

Gotta jet! See you next week.

— Chase Superman Duffy

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  1. I've always rather liked Friday the 13th. Have fun at your grandparent's.