Friday, 29 January 2016

The puzzling benefits of brainteasers

I love brainteasers!

Sometimes I help my dad with the Sunday crossword (well, help may be exaggerating a little.) 

And even though math is the subject in which I get my lowest marks, I have figured out how to Sudoku.

Turns out, doing puzzles and riddles is good for my brain. Did you know that they can enhance your memory and improve concentration (among other things?)

Of course, you can search different brainteasers and puzzlers on the internet, but because today is National Puzzle Day, I thought I’d start you going with three that I enjoy. Can you solve them? Share your answers in the comments—and then check back Thursday, when I’ll update the post with the answers. Good luck!

Which letter comes next?
A, C, F, J, O, _____

Read the following description and try to figure out what food is described.
Throw out my outer.
Keep my inner.
Eat my outer.
Throw out my inner.

This one’s a tough one!
What 7-letter, 1-syllable, past-tense verb becomes a 7-letter, 3-syllable, past-tense verb if you change it’s 5th letter from an H to a T?

Do you have any favourite brainteasers? Share them in the comments or on my Facebook page. Bet you can’t stump me!

Gotta jet! Have a great weekend!

— Chase Superman Duffy

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