Friday, 18 December 2015

A monster of a bake-off

Tis the season for HOME-COOKED BAKING—and Grandma has been in the kitchen for days whipping up some of my favourites. Ginger cookies, shortbread, Nanaimo Bars and so much more!

I’m not really good at baking those cookies—my gingersnaps are too hard, my shortbread comes out dry, and I don’t even want to talk about the mess I made of the squares—but there is one cookie that I am REALLY good at baking: MONSTER COOKIES.

You may remember them from Tasting My Story, one of the first books in the Superman Duffy comic series. In it, Chase (aka: me!) has to solve the mystery of a missing recipe so he can try and (maybe) win his school bake-off.

Well, I’m going to challenge Grandma to a bake-off this weekend. On Saturday, she’s making sugar cookies so that my cousins and I can decorate them on Sunday. But I’m also going to make a batch of MONSTER COOKIES. We’ll see whose cookies are eaten first! (Though, not by my grandpa, because he’s diabetic and can’t have a lot of sugar…)

If you want to make MONSTER COOKIES, check out Tasting my Story. Gotta Jet—if I’m going to beat Grandma in a bake-off tomorrow, I need to practice NOW!

See you next week! 

— Chase Superman Duffy

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