Friday, 12 December 2014

Travel to the North Pole, anyone?

Did you know that the South Pole was discovered on December 11, more than 100 years ago?

Fascinating, I know, but of course, with Christmas right around the corner, it’s the NORTH pole on most people’s minds—especially if you’re a kid.

I was looking up Santa’s address for my sister the other day ( and stumbled on some fun North Pole facts. Like, did you know that the North Pole is actually WARMER than the South Pole?

That doesn’t mean you should pack your bathing suit and book a holiday. The average winter temperature is still -34°C, but can get down to -43°C, without the wind chill. B-R-R-R-R.

In fact, the air is so cold, you can hear someone talking up to almost 5 km away.

Not that you’d have many people to eavesdrop on. Aside from Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their army of elves, only a few animals can survive the North Pole elements—orca and Humpback whales, artic fox, and the occasional polar bear.

Oh, and the narwhale—a small whale with a six to 10 foot tusk, giving it the nickname: Unicorn of the Sea.

I guess if I’m looking for cool (ha ha) story ideas, I’ll find them in the North Pole. Um…anyone want to come with me?

Gotta Jet!

— Chase Superman Duffy

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