Friday, 22 August 2014

My GIANT Summer To-Do List: Recap

I wish THIS was my list! Next year. Ha ha.
Okay, I admit it — my summer To-Do list this year was GIANT. Like, MASSIVE, actually. It seems like every year I try to pack more FUN into the two-month school break. But with just over a week left until I’m back in the classroom, maybe the list was a bit ambitious.

Don’t get me wrong, I checked off a good number of things from that list. My family and I went on a great vacation through British Columbia, I took dozens of pictures, my friends and I saw some great buskers  during The Fringe (in fact, we may be going to a play tomorrow before it closes Sunday) and I ate DELICOUS food at a couple of other festivals. Plus, I ran the length of my Grandpa’s canola field MANY MANY times.

But there are a few things I won’t be able to check off the GIANT Summer To-Do List — like finish reading five books. I don’t even think I finished TWO books! How terrible is that? Pretty terrible. In my post next week, I’ll be talking about my school goals, and reading will be on that list for sure. But this summer, I just didn’t make enough time for reading. Gasp!

I also didn’t make enough time for…writing. I know that’s one of the FIRST things Mrs. Kratky is going to ask me about, too. I wanted to finish my short story for her, but unless I put my fingers to the keyboard RIGHT NOW, I don’t have enough time.

Wait. Of course I have enough time! In fact, I’m going to start writing today! Even if I don’t finish my story, I’ll have more to show my teacher. Smart, huh?

Gotta jet — I’ve got some plotting to do! (For my story, of course…)

— Chase Superman Duffy

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