Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy "un" Valentine's Day?

Uh oh. It’s the sappiest time of year.

The day when my Dad buys my Mom flowers, chocolates, and sometimes jewelry. And THIS YEAR, he went ALL out. He bought her a star! No, really. I guess you can do that—and it’s not even very much money. It’s named after her and everything. * rolling my eyes *

Okay, I admit, that’s pretty cool. I’m really interested in outer space — one of the Chase Duffy adventure comics even talks about me going in a rocket to visit three planets. And, Astronaut Robert Thirsk came to our Science class last year and talked about his adventures, which really got me thinking about different career choices.

But, um, getting back to Valentine’s Day, it’s NOT my favourite time of the year. We exchange cards at school, and I always buy my Mom and sister chocolate or candy hearts. But sometimes, when I see all the red and pink and hearts and sappy Cupid stuff, I wish I lived somewhere where they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day (like Korea or Brazil), or at least celebrate it in a different way.

Like, in Vietnam, couples traditionally wear the same style and/or colour of clothes to celebrate Valentine’s Day. (On second thought, maybe that’s not so cool…)

The Japanese actually celebrate on TWO days. On February 14, girls give dark chocolate to the boys that they like. And on March 14, boys give girls they like cookies or white chocolate. Talk about dragging things out!

In Spain, only people in love give and get presents—not family and friends. That makes sense to me.

Maybe I just don’t get it. What do you like—or dislike—about Valentine’s Day?

Gotta jet!

— Chase Superman Duffy 

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