Friday, 10 May 2013

Celebrating Mom - and Grandma! - this Sunday

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and you know what that means? Great food!

Just kidding. Well, kind of – because Mom and Grandma do put on a pretty good brunch with all sorts of delicious treats. Like these amazing lunch crepes Grandma makes because they’re my Mom’s favourite.

Wait a minute! Shouldn’t Mom be making Grandma’s favourite snacks? After all, it’s “Mother’s Day” not “Daughter’s Day” right? I know, good question. So, I asked my Mom and she explained that Mother’s Day is more than just about “Mom” – it’s about celebrating motherhood, and the influence of all mothers.

Now it makes sense why I don’t just celebrate my Mom this Sunday, but all of the “motherly” people in my life – like Grandma. Aside from Mom, Grandma has had the most influence into the kind of kid I am today. She’s taught me fun stuff, of course, but she’s also given me practical advice on things like cooking, eating healthy, or even practicing good table manners.

Yeah, lunch is going to be awesome, but I’m going to do something extra special for Mom and Grandma to make the day even more awesome. Last year I made Bath Salts. They were a real hit, especially since Grandma saw I used some of her canola oil. This year, I’m making Foaming Vanilla Bath.

It’s easy. Here’s how --

Ask your Dad to help you make this special treat for Mom this weekend.

Stuff You Need

Blender—preferably one with a feeder tube in the top and a low-speed setting.

Measuring cups and measuring spoon.

Container(s)—these should be able to hold about 425 mL or 1 3/4 cup. You can either use one large container or several smaller ones.

Ingredients You Need

125 mL liquid hand soap 1/2 cup
15 mL  vanilla extract  1 Tbsp.
50 mL honey  1/4 cup
250 mL canola oil 1 cup

Make It!

1. Pour liquid hand soap, vanilla and honey into a blender.

2. With the lid on and the feeder tube open, turn on the blender at low speed.  Mix the first three ingredients.

3. Slowly drizzle the canola oil through the feeder tube as the blender is running. This will create a creamy blend.

4. Turn off the blender. Remove the lid and pour mixture into container(s).

Use it!

Add about 50mL (1/4 cup) to your bath. If the mixture separates, shake well before using.

Okay, time to get making! I hope you have a great weekend celebrating with the special “moms” in your life.

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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