Friday, 22 April 2011

Painting with words

Forgive the running analogy, peeps, but I’m on the home stretch to crossing the finish line on my short story for the Martyn Godfrey Young Writers’ Award. Not that I’m counting, but the deadline is just two weeks away!

I’m pretty stoked about what I’ve written.

Local illustrator James Grasdal says sometimes you have to think of your writing like a drawing, paint a picture with your words.

If that’s the case, my word painting has a lot of yellow in it.

So, James suggested I add another colour to make the story really pop. Preferably a contrasting colour – like blue.

Close your eyes and picture this: an Alberta blue sky. A bright yellow canola field.

Pretty amazing, right?

Think about all of the other ways you can use yellow in your writing. Like perking up subdued colours, like greys and blues. Or how about combining yellow and orange to symbolize spring – or citrus. (Grandma’s Lemon Meringue Pie. Yum.) Pale yellows can also reduce the intensity of richer colours – like a gold braid on a burgundy or navy blue marching band uniform.

The combinations are endless!

As I work through the edits on my rough draft, I’m not looking at my story as random words anymore. Now it's a bright, colourful painting – James Grasdal style.

What colours are you brushing on to your canvas?

Gotta jet.

- Chase Superman Duffy

PS - The deadline for the contest is MAY 6, 2011. Don't miss the chance to win a trip to WordsWorth, the writing camp for youth who believe in the power of words.

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  1. Way to go superman. All the kids around Alberta are getting to know you, and soon you well be as popular as my wife. Now run to the next town and keep on chasing your dreams.