Sunday, 7 October 2018

Halloween Countdown: Alternatives To Carving

Dad and I went grocery shopping today and I couldn't help but look (again) at the pumpkins. The white ones are actually kind of cool. I was telling my dad that I may want to carve one this year...and he asked if I really wanted to carve one at all.

Um. Excuse me?

He pointed out that not EVERYONE loves to CARVE pumpkins. Apparently, some people prefer to keep their fingers free from oozing guts, and slimy seeds. *shrug* Not me, but I guess I can their point. It's not the cleanest job in the world.

So that being said, I thought I'd take today's post to explore some of the ways you can decorate your Halloween pumpkin without scooping out its innards. I found some pretty cool stuff.

Check this out. Apparently you can add puffy paint to your pumpkins to create this neat look.

Or, plain old paint for some Halloween-inspired messages, faces, and patterns.

You can put nail polish on them.

Use lace.

Or even melt crayons on them for this cool effect.

And if you're really ambitious, you can use craft paper, fake jewels, or junk drawer finds that can be attached to your pumpkin.

Wow! Some really fun stuff, right?

I'm still carving my pumpkin but if I was going to change it up, I'd think about melting crayons. How about you?

Gotta jet! Happy crafting—and if today is your Thanksgiving dinner...gobble gobble!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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